Welcome to Children’s Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC

We are a private psychotherapy practice that serves children, adolescents, their parents/caregivers, young adults, adults without children, couples and families.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

We seek to serve you and your family through a variety of services to meet your specific needs. We offer:

At the Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC we have the capability to serve multiple family members in one location, often with coordinated session times to eliminate wasted time and energy running around to various therapists' offices.

When something happens in your family's life, you don't need the additional stress of coordinating therapy, but rather a safe place to help each family member work through their difficulties. We hope to be that safe place for your family.

We also offer Couples Therapy and Family Therapy to help couples and families work through the difficult pain of trauma together. This can strengthen relationships and provide support within the relationship to bring you closer together rather than tearing you further apart.

Group Therapy can accelerate progress in Individual Therapy as you connect with others who have been through similar experiences reducing feelings of isolation, guilt, and shame.

We are trauma informed therapists which means we have the training and skills to help you work through the circumstances that have impacted your family whether they occurred recently or in the distant past. Some specialized therapy modalities we offer are E.M.D.R. Therapy (www.emdria.org) and Synergetic Play Therapy (www.synergeticplaytherapy.com).

We believe that healing and positive change can not only improve the lives of the family members engaged in therapy, but also create lasting benefit for subsequent generations.

*We do not provide offender specific therapy for domestic violence or sexual assault cases. We require compliance with court orders, including protection orders and parenting plans.


The Story of Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC

We, the Co-Owners of Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC, have a vision of serving those who have been hurt by various forms of abuse and trauma. We see intervention with children as making the biggest impact toward disrupting patterns of abuse that lead to chronic pain and suffering. We know that parents/caregivers have the greatest influence over the lives of the children in their care and not only do they deserve to heal too, but their healing impacts the child's healing. Our hope for every child, teen, parent, young adult, and family that we serve at Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC, is that they will become who they were meant to be when relieved of pain caused by trauma.

~Christine Garcia, LPC and Amber Buczkowski, LCSW